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Essential Wellness Updates

2707, 2017

how “what if” helps me love what i do

By |July 27th, 2017|Health & Wellbeing, Uncategorized, Women's Health|0 Comments

"I love what I do!" How many of you can honestly say that? Do you dread going to work each day or do you gain energy from the work that you do? Now, don't get me wrong. I am not sitting here thinking that there aren't things I would never change about my work and some days are really hard. But for an overwhelming majority of days, I truly love what I do.  I love getting to come alongside women

1307, 2017

Young Living goes camping

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One of the best times of summer is finally here...our annual camping trip that we make with a group of other families that love it as much as we do!  Camping is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.  And when you are trying to live a healthy, natural, toxin-free lifestyle it can be even more work.  Young Living products are making this a little easier this year.  I had to scale back what I would normally

2906, 2017

pelvic floor and functional core rehabilitation-the lunge

By |June 29th, 2017|Fitness, Health & Wellbeing, Women's Health|0 Comments

We are wrapping up our series on functional exercises, not kegels,  that can help to activate and strengthen the pelvic floor.  We talked all about breathing appropriately, we have talked about using squats (a personal favorite) for igniting activity in the pelvic floor muscles, and today we continue with another favorite...LUNGES!  Remember, the whole reason we are talking about these other exercises for improving pelvic floor function is that the pelvic floor isn't designed to work in isolation. When you

1506, 2017

pelvic floor and functional core rehabilitation: the squat

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For years, maybe even decades, the best (and maybe only) exercise suggested to ladies dealing with incontinence and pelvic floor weakness has been the kegel.  A concentric contraction of the muscles running from the pubic symphysis (front of the pelvis) to the coccyx and sacrum (in the back of the pelvis), a kegel should create a squeeze and lift of the those muscles to, in theory, provide organ support and sphincter control.  Collectively, the muscles are known as the pelvic floor. In fact, the

806, 2017

pelvic floor and functional core rehabilitation: the breath

By |June 8th, 2017|Fitness, Health & Wellbeing, Women's Health|3 Comments

Are you ready to step into another week of learning.  This week is mini blog post about some elements other than a kegel, that are necessary for a healthy pelvic floor.  Like I suggested last week in my intro post, your breath is one of those elements.  It goes beyond just breathing in and out. But really has more to do with how your are coordinating your breath with activity, utilizing the correct muscles to assist with inhale and exhale and

106, 2017

pelvic floor and functional core rehabilitation introduction

By |June 1st, 2017|Fitness, Women's Health|0 Comments

Let me paint you a scenario and tell me if you can relate. You spend time exercising every week at home or in the gym, working really hard to get rid of the lower belly pooch that never really gets any smaller. You take a Body Pump, Turbo Kick, or another cardio cross training class regularly or even lace up those sneakers to go out for a run or walk, but have noticed that you get pretty damp or wet