You read that right.  It is possible to be coached to better health.  Just like a good athletic coach can get the best from his or her players and team, a good health coach elicits the best from her clients.  And when that happens, lives can change.

How is coaching successful and why is it different than just having your best girlfriend be your accountability partner?  Girlfriends are great, but they aren’t coaches.  One of the key parts of coaching is that we hold space for you.

Simply put we listen. Without judgement. Without reacting to or magnifying your emotions.

It is in this space that much of the work happens.  It is here that you go from having some one fix the problem for you to hearing your own inner wisdom and claiming your own path to the solution.  Girlfriends are fantastic for sharing and venting to, but that relationship can be messy.

And as the shift continues from being reactive to health concerns to being proactive about maintaining and enhancing wellness, coaches are perfect for filling that role and bridging the gap.

Decide you are worth it

I have been working with women for years as a women’s health physical therapist.  For years I have seen women come to me exhausted from trying to do it all, be a mother, a wife, a caregiver to aging parents, hold down a career, lead a committee or 3 at school and church…all the while her own health is on the back burner.

Or I see women that are truly in pain or in shock at how they have managed to get to where they are today physically, but at a loss as to how to make a course correction and reclaim their body.  As doctors get busier and busier and have to see more patients in the same amount of time, it is impossible to for them to provide patients with all the information and support required for the patient to make the best decision on their healthcare.

Maybe they have tried before and just given up when obstacles came their way.

Or maybe they simply had no awareness that they were hurting their health by the choices they made.

What makes my heart hurt the most is when a woman sits before me and says “I just thought I would have to live with it.”  The “it” can be any number of things you would see in women’s health PT.  Incontinence, constipation, pain with intercourse, pelvic pain, prolapse, hormone dysfunction…the list goes on.

You deserve so much more than “just learning to live with it.”

Choose your team

Health coaches are now becoming a integral part of multi-disciplinary healthcare teams.  Working with physicians, women’s health physical therapists, nutrition professionals, and more, coaches can support you through confusion to certainty. From wishing to making a plan. From a plan to seeing a transformation.  A health coach may be the team member you need to help you to realize the wellness goals you have set for yourself this year and beyond.

Health coaches:

  • actively listen
  • hold space for you
  • present you with information so that you can make the most informed choice
  • help you problem solve and get creative in getting beyond obstacles
  • encourage and support your decisions
  • hold you accountable to the plan you have developed
  • keep you moving forward in an organized way

New for you

The coaching relationship is a unique partnership that sets you up to succeed. I am honored and excited to announce that I will be offering health coaching services in the spring of 2018. After years of working one on one with women’s health patients in a physical therapy setting, I can’t wait to also partner with women that are ready to become advocates for their own health and empower then to make decisions that will not only change their lives, but potentially the lives of their family.

If you believe that your best days are still to come and want help to nurture your body through postpartum and perimenopause, then be looking for more information to come.  Change happens, sometimes when we aren’t looking.  But we don’t have to “just live with it.”  If the changes you see aren’t the changes that you want, then let’s work together and discover what amazing things can happen when you walk with intention toward wellness.